Moscow office closure

Today we close our Moscow office and say goodbye to our Moscow corporate team as well as part of our St Petersburg colleagues.

Remaining Moscow based customer are now supported out of St Petersburg. Preparations for voluntarily and orderly closure goes on time with about 100 corporate customer groups remaining out of 325 six months ago.

We are thankful to both Danske’s Moscow and St Petersburg teams for their dedicated & professional work, consistency and persistent customer focus and support under stressful circumstances demanding to off-board valuable Group customers in Russia under time pressure!

We are planning to continue the process without delays so that we request the CBR to take back our banking licence in Autumn. Subject to and following the CBR's consent, we plan to finalize the operation’s closure not later than end of Jan 2020.

We are also very thankful to our customers for their understanding and excellent cooperation making the transition as smooth as possible!!!