We’re bringing responsibility closer to the core of our business

Danske Bank works systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business. We strive continually to improve the way we work and to create transparency about our practices and performance.

Customer relationships are built on trust. We are committed to providing advice with a high level of integrity and easy access to financial products and services. We tailor advice to each customer’s situation.

Responsible lending

Lending to our customers

When granting loans, we begin a long-term commitment with customers. This means that we always make a careful evaluation to gain an understanding of customer's financial situation. It is in both the customer's and our interest that we grant credit only when the customer can manage the obligation. We offer loans that are appropriate to their needs and financial capacity, and we make sure that they understand their financial obligations. We place an emphasis on exercising expertise in credit assessments and providing customers with high-quality advice.

Risk assessment

We conduct our lending activities in accordance with international principles promoting and safeguarding human rights, labour rights and anti-corruption. Since the effects of our business extend beyond our own activities, we also consider the purpose for which our lending products are used. We endeavour to reach an understanding with customers so that they also conduct their business in accordance with these principles. This is why we assess possible social and governance (ESG) risks associated with lending to customers. We will continue to review and improve our efforts in this area in order to meet our customers’ and stakeholders’ needs as well as possible.